Family Umrah

As Muslims, we have a duty to the family. We owe them time, love, compassion, and education. As fathers we need to teach them about religion, value, Islam and how to live tactfully in society. As a mother, you need to foster love, kindness, forgiveness and life to your kids. And as a brother and sister, you need to show respect and dignity for other siblings. Every role is clearly outlined and its values stated in Quran and hadith.

ultimate benefits of performing small pilgrimage with fam

Imparting religious knowledge to the family is the duty of everyone in the household. Every member needs to educate, grow and enhance value to their loved ones. One of the greatest gifts that a father or any family man can give is the gift of a pilgrimage package for the entire family. It is really essential to have the value of being a Muslim inculcated at an early age. As a young person, you can enjoy the pilgrimage and make it a worth while family experience. In fact, the family needs to bond through a religious activity. Most of the many memories that last in families from a Muslim countries is the experience being taught about values and services to and for Islam. In fact, many of the families look forward to a luxurious and remarkable stay during Umrah.

There is also another main benefit of taking our beloved family for a umrah pilgrimage. this is a unique experience in terms of providing the family with a glimpse of how powerful and beautiful the realizing really is.Imagine what your kids will feel as they realize the importance of namaz as they see millions of people perform the prayers 5 times a day. And from all walks of life, every color, age, and race. these are just some of the remarkable memories that come forth. 

With such high tense jobs and personal life dynamics, it is really difficult to play and balance a life with family and work. It is really hectic and tiresome. One needs a fresh view of life, especially for the family. And hence the value of going to perform Umrah with family.


What type of Family Umrah Package is best for you?

If you are going for the first time to perform Umrah, then there are many things to consider while going with the family. The duration, cost and then the overall shopping and accessories required. Hotel stay, taxi, and other items do add up, specially the food and water costs. The objective is to provide the customers with certain packages that meet the demands of the market. We recommend the following :

  • If you have kids under ten, then it is highly recommended to have a closer distance to the main areas. Location of the hotels are critical.
  • If you have kids between ages 10-15, these kids can typically carry themselves and enjoy the entire span and journey.
  • If you have older members of family, them make sure you ask for accessories like elevators, wheel chairs and other requirements. Medical requirements are also mandatory.


Umrah Family Package Details

Different family umrah packages exist that cater to the needs and demands of the market. We realize that a family experience is vital and important. different families have different needs. Many of our valued customers want a dedicated view or certain travel arrangements because of size or area to visit.

Umrah family Packages comprises of a variety of different details including taxis, hotel stays, food and travel guides. Many of the families that do take our Umrah family package plans enjoy the entire trip and want to be entertained spiritually throughout the entire tour. So, they would like to visit the different shrines, holy places and even the shopping districts.

Family Umrah packages is the ultimate tour package for families that want something special and worth-while. Come and experience the difference.

When to take Family For Umrah Travel?

When to take the family for Umrah really depends upon the vacations. Majority of our valued customers take the family when vacations are out for children. Spring vacations, summer vacations, and December vacations are all great times for the Umrah for the family. The family needs to take time out and enjoy the entire journey.

The Family tends to enjoy other activities of the Umrah journey. Many of our customers recommend us to give them special plans for visiting main places, shopping and even travel in other areas. Saudi Arabia is full of mosques, shopping areas and religious areas that we also recommend visiting.

The beauty of the family trip is to give them a unique value and memory that will not be available in the world. We recommend that the summer vacations to be used up for children that can take the heat. The spring and winter breaks are great too, though, the only draw back is the smaller time that is allocated for the break.

Most of the family time can also be spent in the travel and tour locations. It depends upon what the kids and family like to do.




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